[@HareSquead] Talk Disney Films and Blue Ticks on Twitter at Great Escape

Meet Hare Squead [@HareSquead]; three black, Irish guys changing the music scene, with their cool flow and dope personalities. Each of their songs brings a different sound, mixing rap, soul and pop to create a unique vibe. I caught up with the guys backstage at their performance at The Great Escape festival in Brighton, to talk Disney films and blue ticks on Twitter…


What are you guys names individually?

Tony: Tony Konstone.

Jessy: Jessy Rose.

Lilo: Lilo Blues.

Like Lilo & Stitch?


Lilo: Yeah, like Lilo & Stitch.

That’s a banging film.

Lilo: I’d actually never watched it as a kid, I just pretended I watched it.

Jessy: You’ve never watched Lilo & Stitch?

Lilo: I watched the cartoon like every Sunday.

That’s not really the same though… So you guys are signed to Sony now, how is that? 

Jessy: It’s cool, cos now we’re verified on Twitter.

Lilo: They just pay for all our shit.

Tony: We get to work with really cool producers and musicians and stuff like that, so it’s really fun.

Who’s the best person you’ve worked with so far?

Jessy: I would say you’re the best person we’ve worked with so far.


I like that answer.

Tony: The best person… that’s a difficult question.

Lilo: You know what, Levi Lennox, the guy who produced ‘Pillow Talk’ for Zayn Malik.

Ohh okay, sick. So I’ve watched an interview with you guys before and you said that you weren’t happy with your videos…


Lilo: It was me, I wasn’t happy. Like they were cool. It was just like some of the videos there was no real narrative, and it was just the three of us jumping in front of the camera. No disrespect to any of the videographers or anyone.

Jessy: The videos were amazing.

Lilo: I love ‘If I Ask’, I just wasn’t happy with the way I looked, but I actually loved that video.

In terms of visuals is there anything that you guys want to do?

Jessy: The new stuff… let’s just say that’s gonna be crazy. Visually, we’re stepping it up.

Cool cool. So are there any UK artists that you think are cool?

Jessy: Daniel OG, Lancey Foux.

Tony: AJ Tracey.

Jessy: House of Pharaohs.

Lilo: Yeah House of Pharaohs are dope.

Tony: Of course J Hus, you have to have J Hus.

Jessy: Octavian OG.

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Yeah his voice is dope. Is there anyone that you’re looking forward to seeing at The Great Escape?

Tony: If we were still here tomorrow, we would have gone to see Kojo (Funds) and Not3s.

Lilo: 67.

Jessy: Rejjie Snow, Rat Boy.

I actually can’t wait to see Rejjie. What do you guys think you would be doing if you weren’t doing music?

Tony: I’d be a professional footballer, I’m fucking sick at football.

A lot of boys say that though…

Tony: Nah, but this is the truth.

Jessy: No you would not.

Tony: I definitely would be a professional footballer.

Jessy: if we didn’t do music, we’d probably be crack heads.


Lilo: Probably

I think you could be radio presenters or have your own tv show… something like that.

Lilo: I don’t think we’d be doing shit to be honest, we wouldn’t be doing anything. We’d be crack heads.

Jessy: Probably


Do you partake in a bit of recreational drug use then?

Jessy: Nah it’s more so the fact that music is the only thing that I like to do, it’s the only thing I’ve ever liked to do.

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