Harry Pinero [@harrypinero], Henrie Kwushue [@henrieviii] and more partner with Instagram to find the next generation of creators using Reels.

GUAP is passionate about finding the newest talent out there, so we have teamed up with Instagram to shine a light on the top creators on Reels across the UK. Alongside five of the industry’s leading creatives; Harry Pinero, Henrie Kwushue, James Lewis, Gully Guy Leo, and CakefaceRJ, Instagram has selected the very best in up and coming talent on Reels to take part in an exciting first-of-a-kind project – coming to your screens soon.

We spoke to those lead creatives about what it means to be a creator in 2021. 


Hailing from South East London, Henrie Kwushue is a DJ, presenter and broadcaster best known for her KISS FM “Wake Up” weekend show, her work on Spotify’s Who We Be UK’s podcast and her incredible contribution to the popular No Signal Radio station. After successfully launching her humorous and eye-opening three-part mini docuseries ‘Is Your Area Changing’ via her own production company, ‘HTK Productions’, Henrie is fast becoming the household name on screens and speakers throughout the capital. As one of the leading creators in the music industry, we asked Henrie to share some advice for the next generation of creators and why she thinks Reels is a game-changer for authentic content.

Henrie’s most important piece of advice is “Whatever you want to put out there, whatever you think is cool, whatever you think is interesting, whatever you think that you would watch is exactly what you should put out.”

Speaking about Reels she said

Sometimes I put out work stuff, it allows me to be a little bit more creative with my personality, and sometimes I put out funny things that I might not just be able to slap on my feed. Instagram Reels allow me to do just that! If I want to dance to something cute, do something funny. I can. A quick 30 seconds, and we’re off.

She says that “…being a creator isn’t easy because sometimes it feels like your ideas are too big to pull off but when you do pull them off, it’s one of the most satisfying feelings in the entire world”. And on COVID. “Instagram has especially helped me through COVID because Reels specifically, has allowed me to be less serious and put it out there.” No matter what the season is, Henrie is saying we should all be ourselves, creating content is an opportunity to show more of ourselves to the world.  

Harry Pinero – Content Creator in Sports, Entertainment and more

Harry Pinero is a Peckham-born British presenter, host and social media personality. Best known for his many humorous videos on FootAsylum’s Does The Shoe Fit? with Chunkz and Filly, he has become one of the UK’s most emerging viral figures. Pinero is currently a co-host on the UK’s No.1 music podcast, ‘Spotify’s Who We Be Talks_’ with Henrie Kwushue. An avid sports and football fan, he’s partnered with FIFA to host coverage of its ePremier League Invitational Tournament and has become a prominent feature on UMM Official’s YouTube Channel and Filthyfellas podcast. We spoke to Harry to see what tips he would give to the next creators on keeping their audience engaged. 

Harry tells us how he first started being a creator, “When I first started being a content creator I was understanding that what I had tried before, it didn’t work, but I knew I’ve always been this funny entertainer. I thought, let me try this and that was my inspiration for not going back to feeling like I can’t be myself. Then as time goes on you start to get inspired by different things”. He shared with us how being himself helped him to share more of his story

I feel like my story is so huge. I’ve got so many stories, I live my life. I’m still living, so the stories are always going to be there in the content.  I think I have a following which understands the way I do things, which is so good.

But being himself has helped him connect more with his community, Harry says “I feel like because they understand how I do things it’s so easy for me to give them the content and they can understand me in my way. I might just tell you about someone walking down the street but in the most funniest way ever but you get what I’m trying to say and I think it’s always about having that relatability with the people that are following you –  that’s what makes it so beautiful.” 

Cake Face RJ – Makeup illusionist and Barry M ambassador

RJ is a self-proclaimed ‘Eyeshadow illusion connoisseur’, Cake Face RJ’s transformative make-up looks are nothing short of mind blowing. From Oprah, to Eddie Murphy, there’s no look she can’t transform herself into. Cake Face RJ lets us know what keeps her audience entertained with her content creation. 

RJ starts by talking to us about  her community. “My online and offline community is such a mix of people. I just love the diversity and there’s such a massive age range.  I just feel like they really do appreciate it, it’s so nice to have that kind of crazy love online and offline.”  

She continues by sharing how she built this up further. “I built a community on Instagram really just by sharing my art. With the community I have, I feel it’s quite unique and so many people love traditional art and some also just love makeup, whilst some aren’t even interested in makeup, but they love the art side of things.” Now that RJ has a community she reflects on how she feels about the network of people she has brought together.

It’s nice to know that there’s kind of that mix and that there are so many different people who like different things, and can come together and appreciate my art and it makes me really happy.” Online and offline communities can draw in a lot of people from different backgrounds and RJ shows us how staying true to yourself can help keep the audience that you have built engaged in your content.

James Lewis – Calligraphy & Lettering artist

James Lewis is a multidisciplinary British artist and one to look out for in 2021. Best known for his viral art videos sharing his creative process on social media, he has amassed a global audience of over 4M followers and is regularly creating work for some of the world’s most influential brands from Nickelodeon, Rolls Royce and Amazon Prime. James is perfectly placed to identify the next gen of creators and more than happy to share his tips on how he was able to grow his global community online. 

James starts by sharing how he built his following. “So slowly I’ve been able to build up my community by just consistently sharing content, engaging with other creators and doing my best to share what I’ve learned with up-and-coming creatives as well. The best advice I have is to find something you are genuinely interested in, whether it’s art or anything else. Find something you enjoy doing.”

He continues;

Do that as often as possible because that positive energy is contagious. If you enjoy doing it, you’re gonna be feeling good whilst you do it and then what you want to do is find a way that you can share that with the world.

James emphasises that continuing to create is important to building a community. The act of posting can help you overcome the fear that could be holding you back. 

Leo – Fashion content creator

Born and raised in Warwick, England, Leo initially made a name for himself in 2016, when he became the poster boy for internationally popular skate brand Supreme New York. He has since grown his following online to around 700k. His followers check in with him weekly to get the latest fashion trends. We wanted to know more about what Leo could share with us around content creation.

Leo kept it simple and straight to the point.

“Do you! Don’t listen to haters. They’ll be your only major set back. Sure, there will be other obstacles  but you can overcome them, and once you have, you’ll never have them again. But haters don’t disappear. One may go, but another will come. So remember you’re sick, remember you’re gully and don’t listen to anybody unless it’s constructive criticism or love.

There is nothing more to be said, Leo is clearly pushing us to get posting, no excuses were made. 

There are so many ways to make your mark on the world, especially now that this can be done at your fingertips. You’ve heard from our favourite creators on how to make the best Reels content,  now it’s your turn to  build and grow your community online. We will be sharing  something very special soon so keep up to date with the latest Reels and keep making your own. Please tag us (@guapmag) and #21showreels too.

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