If You Haven’t Listened To J Hus’ [@Jhus] Album Where’s Your Common Sense?

Happy J Hus day guys.

The Debut album from Stratford’s self-proclaimed Mr Ugly is out now and everyone is talking.

We get the mix and fusion in genre and flavour that we all love from J Hus. If you’re not sure if this is your thing, give it a try, you’d be surprised by what you might like. As always, don’t expect a single genre or a single vibe from J Hus because you won’t get it.

With production from many amazing producers like the Compozers, Jae5, and the JOT Music Group, this is one to definitely take time out, get in the car ready and enjoy. The album also features some of our UK favourites, like Burna Boy, Mo Stack, Tiggs Da Author and Mist.

This album is definitely one for the fans and Mr Ugly stays true to what we all know and love from him.


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Our Favourites?

The album as a whole is a strong body of work. We get singles, Did you see, Common Sense and Friendly that we all know and love. Other than the singles, a few of our favourites are; Like your style, Fisherman (featuring Mo Stack & Mist) Good Time (featuring Burna Boy) Mash Up (featuring Mo Stack) and Spirit.

If you haven’t listened to the album, I don’t know what you’re​ waiting for. Common Sense is out everywhere today.

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