Hendrix Harris leaves quite the ‘Aftermath’

Hendrix Harris gives us a visual treat for latest release ‘Aftermath’.

‘Aftermath’ is the newest release from Parisian star Hendrix Harris. Hendrix Harris has been bubbling across the pond over the past few years with some of his tracks like ‘Bankwrapped’ and ‘New Chains’ streaming extremely well. You may wonder why if he’s based in Paris he raps in such a familiar English accent. Although based in Paris he is half French, half British, but also has Jamaican heritage. He might not have made his leap into the international limelight but his style blends together a variety of sounds, into one cohesive vibe that anyone could understand.

‘Aftermath’ is testament to this blend of sounds, it draws on R&B, Soul, and Hip-Hop most heavily but also elements of Funk too. This can be felt across both the production and vocal performance. The base melody is a relaxed and ethereal one that would lull anyone into a state of calm. This is then layered with big bass that speaks more to the Hip-Hop persuasion. The thing that really ties these worlds together and makes the soundscape make sense is of course Hendrix.

He is both a rapper and a singer and a rapper and he does both very well. He reminds me of Anderson Paak in that respect, but also in the respect that he has definitely chosen to pave his own lane. So whilst similar to Paak, they aren’t the same especially considering just how eclectic Paak can be and how much more he draws from Funk sensibilities. Hendrix came up a lot stronger with the rap influences and you can see how his sound has elevated and taken shape since his first release ‘Bankwrapped’. On ‘Aftermath’ the aggression of his raps is contrasted with his soulful and relaxed singing which provides a nice contrast across the track without it feeling odd.

The ‘Aftermath’ visuals directed by Kevin Froly take big cues from the renowned Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde narrative. The big theme of which are dualities, this is in order to portray Hendrix and his alter-ego ‘Tommy’. To capture the essence of this classic horror-inspired theme, the video also draws on the black & white style of the 1940s.

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Hendrix is looking to springboard off the buzz he’s begun to build for himself so there’s plenty more to come from him in 2020.

You can stream ‘Aftermath’ here.

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