Hendrix Harris [@hendrixharris18] drops debut EP Falcon

The exciting and eclectic Hendrix Harris has just released his eagerly anticipated first EP, Falcon.

Falcon is the five track debut showing for the Parisian talent Hendrix Harris. Almost exactly a month after releasing his Jekyll & Hyde inspired visuals to ‘Aftermath’, he has followed up with new visuals as well as his debut EP. The young star flexes his chops across the dark and brooding world he deftly curated across the just under 20 minute run time.

For those who don’t know anything about Hendrix Harris, Falcon is all you need as an answer. He is a multi-talented vocalist, rapper with plenty of soul as well as aggression all packaged neatly in one person. He blends these contrasting styles constantly across the project and leans into the two styles in varying degrees across tracks always making it work. He gives us the soulful vocals in abundance on EP closer ‘5 A.M’ and the rapid-fire rapping most heavily on tracks ‘Sweat Drops’ and ‘Aftermath’.

The project feels like a very dark soundscape, with a clear Trap influence permeating a lot of the tracks. But that doesn’t tell the whole story of the project as it is balanced with lighter numbers like the aforementioned ‘5 A.M’ and ‘AFTERMATH’. It’s this balance that avoids the project feeling repetitive, or making it a project that has a short shelf life. You can come back to Falcon plenty of times without getting bored, and as with all good projects, you should definitely come back. That first listen feeling is good, but it’s a projects replayability that truly marks its quality – and the EP has plenty of it.

Hendrix is a man of flair and as such doesn’t draw on too much support, which is always a good sign on a debut project as it projects confidence. The lone additional voice brought in is Raquel who adds some Spanish into the mix, taking a good song into an even better one. On a five track EP any more features would have felt like a cop out, so to have Hendrix lead so confidently and use features so sparingly shows he knows he doesn’t need help.

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All in all, Falcon is an extremely strong debut project from an excitingly talented artist. Hopefully, we see Hendrix Harris continue on his current trajectory, which has already amassed him over a million streams in total on his Spotify. It will be interesting to see what direction he chooses to go in next as I’m sure sonically he is going to be exploring a lot more in the near future.

You can stream Falcon on all platforms here.

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