Watch out! Henrique Wooding is here and is kicking it off with the coming release of his creative directional work for Blup forming their first ever Look Book!

Henrique Wooding is definitely one to watch and making his mark. He has style, vision, flair and is intact and this definitely shows through the edgy work he produces creating fashion/editorial looks with Blup’s merch. Teaming up with a new breed of fresh-faced models Alistar & Ejatu; as well as Visual Artist & Stylist Morena Thai to create these eye-catching looks.

“I am grateful to Blup for the opportunity to work on their new lookbook, to be entrusted and given free reign with this is rewarding, it means I could really get in my element and create.  Blup have been encouraging in the process really allowing me to come up with concepts in line with what they stand for.

Being in the Culture and working with a brand that thrives and encourages the inclusion of Culture is a fitting collaboration, they’ve worked on Grime’s God Father Wiley album cover artwork, graphics for Chelsea FC, Nike and Adidas, essentially everyone who represent and stands for the Culture. Working with these fresh new models and the stylist is important if brands want to champion and cheer for us to be all we can be and provide us with the ability to work together. We’re really all winning and they are clapping for us to win and essentially be the next coming leaders, face in art and creating” – Henrique Wooding

Definitely watch out the space for Wooding, because he has way more offer!

Follow Henrique on Twitter and Instagram: @henriquewooding

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