House of Pharaohs [@OnlyTheHouse] release “Real Faces” mixtape and we can’t stop listening

South London collective House Of Pharaohs have been building a significant amount lot of buzz since the release of their 2015 EP ‘Southern Stamp’. It’s clear to see that both London’s underground scene and scene culture have been captivated by the chemistry and charisma that this six-man squad brings to the table. Compiled of six rappers Nyshy Bandanna, Sam Wise, AJ Young Soul, Danny Stern, Kevin Taylor and Blaze; these guys are more than just another rap group, as they all have their own respective fan bases that continue to build outside of the work they do as HOP (go and check out Sam Wise and Bandanna’s most recent collab project ‘Cold As Us’ that dropped only a couple months ago.

With a plethora of both online and club bangers, including tracks like ‘RAID’ and ‘Draws’ Its clear to see why this group is starting to make waves; as well as the fact that their live show is truly a sight to behold, I’m talking sweat drenched t-shirts, mosh pits, crowd surfing, the lot. With all that being said, lets move on to the matter at hand. ‘Real Faces’ is the 15 track “debut” project from HOP available to stream via Sound Cloud and available to purchase on Apple Music.

Lead single from the project ‘Run With Me’ is currently tearing down raves across London and receiving a healthy amounts of views on the video as well (which you can check out here). What this project does production wise is create a unique blend of both ethereal lo-fi and hard hitting trap beats complimented by some interesting takes on the currently commercial trap flows but remixed in a way that adds that unforgettable London swag and cadence upon delivery. Especially on tracks like ‘Pope’ and ‘5k’ (for me are two of the stand out tracks from the project). One thing I do have to say about ‘Real Faces’ is the energy and chemistry that these guys display on the project. Seamlessly exchanging verses and adlibs between the six of them, you can palpably hear the vibe that must have been in the studio during the assembly of the project. For that I have to applaud, because as a listener that only helps to draw you further into the world of the artist.

Now, if your looking for something that’s going to compete with the huge releases we’ve had over the last couple months I’m gonna have to tell you to walk away. However if your looking for tunes to shut down any rave, something to smoke up to with the mandem, or even something to soundtrack a cheeky ménage à trois; I would definitely urge you to pree this on Sound Cloud. Long story short in the words of FeFo of Dead End Hip Hop… This project definitely bumps in the whip.

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