How to show your alliance with Black people in the face of police brutality

Let’s be honest, at this point we cannot act oblivious to the current racial injustice in the United States and United Kingdom. On social media platforms we are exposed to the callous acts of the police, making the events traumatic for Black people worldwide. As a non-black person showing your alliance through various acts is crucial, as not being racist is not enough but rather being actively anti-racist. To help you navigate how to show your alliance, continue reading as we know you may be unsure on how to do this. As the black community prepare themselves to go out and peacefully protest, it is crucial to understand how you can show your alliance with black people in the face of police brutality. 

How are you really doing? 
At the beginning of a conversation, “how are you?” is always a part of the script. This is not a question we give much thought to when asked, because it is something we just say. However, take the time after a few seconds into the call to ask how they are REALLY doing! Just let them know, that you see everything that is currently going on and wanting to check-in as it is evidently a difficult time. Note that not everyone will be open to having this discussion but reassure them regardless their response let them know you support and stand with him in solidarity. 

Do your own research 
There is a lot of information floating about, but most importantly do your own research. If you have questions about what is currently going on, use credible sources online to help you find the answers. As you are aware, many of your black friends are mentally exhausted; and do not have the capacity to answer your questions right now. If you seek to support and help Black people during this time, the best thing would be to gain knowledge on police brutality alongside the events following up from this. 

Speak up 
We are not asking for you to create a long speech and go and stand in front of a huge congregation. We are simply asking for you to speak on the current injustice we face as a community. I understand you may not have the words but there is content you can share. On Instagram there are various activists, artists and creatives who are creating shareable content which raises awareness on how to be an alliance. Share content, do not be afraid to acknowledge the injustice by being an advocate for change by sharing this content if you cannot find the right words. The aim is to proactively be anti-racist and remaining silent does not help meet this objective.

There are funds that have been set up to help Black people during this period, we have listed a few below: 

George Floyd’s Family Fund

UK Black Lives Matter Fund

Minnesota Freedom Fund – A Fund is bailing out protesters arrested in the demonstration.

Green and Black Cross – Legal help for protesters and activists.

Kwanda – A Modern collection pot for black communities.

Sign the petition 
Every signature counts, so please sign petitions that you come across as this in itself represents your voice of being against police brutality. We have listed a few below: 

See Also

George Floyd – The Action PAC Petition 

George Floyd Change.Org Petition

Color of Change Petition

Reclaim the Block

Remember, you have the right to record! 
You have the legal right to record someone without permission if it is in the public interest. If you see any acts that you feel could potentially lead to police brutality, record the event so that all interactions are documented which can later be used as evidence.

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