IAMKALECE [@iamkalece] Drops Diamonds & Dirt EP

Diamonds & Dirt announces IAMKALECE as one of the ones to watch in R&B.

Diamonds & Dirt is the debut project from IAMKALECE, the R&B singer who is still just starting to build her buzz. Despite not having put music out there, she has performed at a number of acoustic nights such as at Artists Unplugged, Lost World London, and more. She is also due to perform at the next FRSH Media live event, which has been pushed back at the moment due to the coronavirus situation.

The project has an only 15 minute run time, but it doesn’t feel short. The mellow production alongside IAMKALECE‘s enchanting vocals will have you in her grasp from track 1. Despite being a newcomer she hasn’t stumbled in her ability to put a body of work together. It’s easy to get caught up on any single sound or to bring in too many different sounds on a project so to get the balance right is always commendable. But more than that Diamonds & Dirt feels like it was put together meticulously, not a single song is out of place, and each track could have been released as a single.

Content wise we get a bit of an insight into who IAMKALECE is as a person across the body of work. There is a strong emphasis on growth as well as having a good time – themes that anyone can relate to. But tied in with this is some moments of vulnerability, but that just makes Diamonds & Dirt connect even more. It also makes IAMKALECE easily relatable, and an artist that anyone could hear and just appreciate it.

The standout track to me is ‘Summer Time’ which is the midpoint of the EP. The track is the most uptempo of the tracks on the project, but again has those vulnerable moments to it. But despite this there is the positive message of how summer as a time period always brings out the best in people, and the best weather of course. It is a track that you could listen to anytime but that would make you long for the season to come around. The guitar melody really helps that track as it is infectious without being overpowering, allowing IAMKALECE to really shine.

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Diamonds & Dirt is a great project, and one not to be overlooked from a newcomer in the thriving R&B scene. If you want to hear a talented vocalist over mellow production this is the project for you. It bodes extremely well for the potential of IAMKALECE, let’s just hope she can keep up the high standards she’s set herself with this body of work. I expect great things to come musically, and I hope it is mirrored in career success too.

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