[@IamShayLaRose] does her ting in her new video with [@MaziChukz]

This week we caught up with UK singer Shay La Rose. She talks culture, encouragement and of course her new video with Mazi Chukz titled “Do Your Ting” produced by P Montana.

Welcome to GUAP! For those that don’t know you, who is Shay LA Rose, What is her story?

Hey GUAP! I’m a British born Nigerian performing artist. I grew up South East London around many talented individuals with a passion for music.

Great, so what was the inspiration behind the video for “Do Your Ting”?

I wanted the video to have a fun, British, summery vibe. Young people in London love going out and having fun so I thought an arcade would be a great place for a couple to go dating. That’s something I would do! It’s not everyday cinema! I also wanted it to be relatable and to show the confidence and boldness that a girl should have. We always see people breaking down and crying after a little lovers tiff but I wanted to show that you can also glow up and just enjoy life, keep it moving, “Do Your Ting”.

We get you! You worked with P Montana and Mazi Chukz on this one. How did that union come about?

Working with both of them was such a great opportunity they’re really talented and hard working guys. When I first met Montana I was like we’ve gotta do a track as I had liked his EP’s from the past. He literally sent me the idea the following week. I was already writing with Mazi in the studio, so he co-wrote some parts with me and I was like you might as well just stay on the track lol! Great timing 🙂

So this song is what some would call afro-dancehall and that’s something we’ve been seeing a lot of lately.  There is a strong marriage between Afrobeats and Dancehall in “Do Your Ting”, what drew you to the track?

I think the fusion is bringing out some amazing tracks in both cultures right now, and I get so excited when I see new collaborations like WizKid & Chris Brown for instance. I’ve grown up around Caribbean people all my life, so I’m familiar with that sound. I’m Nigerian and obsessed with afrobeats so it only made sense to infuse my culture. Also being a dancer and creating up-tempo infused tracks with those sounds was what I had been working in terms of my sound.

So what’s next for you? Where do you want to see yourself this time next year?

I’ve got a new single dropping in a few months and hopefully more tracks and eventually an EP. I want to keep creating music, work with other artists and get myself more and more out there. I’d love to be on mini tours next year God willing!

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That’s great! And lastly what is the message or the mark you want your music to leave or give to the world?

I’m all about empowering, motivating and encouraging people, making people feel good and doing that through the power of music & using my experience, culture and faith to do that!

Connect with Shay La Rose online on Instagram, Twitter & YouTube and check out the “Do Your Ting” video out now!

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