[@ihatetomaustin] whips up something like ‘Mary Berry’

Niko Bellic ‘Mary Berry’ is a meme, but it slaps.

I hate to give a song like this attention. Not because it’s a bad song. ‘Mary Berry’ is just so clearly a spoof that I don’t think it should be spoken about specifically as music even though it’s delivered musically. If the name Jimothy Lacoste means anything to you, and that was your vibe – this track is for you, but better. Niko Bellic is just the latest in a string of new artists that seems to just not be taking the music that seriously. Saying that this is only his first release, and he primarily promotes his own clothing brand on Instagram which only adds to the idea of the song as not serious.

But that’s also where some of the genius lies. You can’t hate something that’s not meant to be taken seriously, you can only laugh. Until suddenly with ‘Mary Berry’ you’ve played it on loop and suddenly you’re repeating the lyrics out loud. The lack of airs about the track, lyrically and visually, make the package come across as charming rather than throw away.

Add into the promo campaign that went into it, getting featured across popular meme pages, but also on his personal page. On his Instagram he featured several stories featuring Mary Berry cut-outs, as well as has ample posts promoting the song in advance. So whilst not serious, it was kind of serious.

So in total the reasons ‘Mary Berry’ is so unserious are:
1. Niko Bellic – his name is Tom, Niko Bellic is the main character in GTA IV (Grand Theft Auto 4),
2. Mary Berry – the real one is a sweet old lady who bakes and judges Great British Bake Off,
3. The video,
4. The lyrics.

“I pray to NSG every night before I got to sleep that I wake up with unlimited drip, shout out Gordan Ramsey, free Madeleine McCann”

“Just played a game of badminton with the local nitty”

“Top thing on my bucket list to slide tackle the queen”

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Despite the ridiculous lyrics, it kind of slaps. The production is reminiscent of Octavian’s ‘Don’t Cry’, so in that regard, the dream-like quality of that kind of sound is easy to get on board with. The deadpan lack of emotion in the delivery through staying pretty monotone throughout only adds to the comedy of it all. Where it started off laughing at him, it’s now laughing with him and his branding of himself.

I’d be interested to see what a second release would look like from him. But potentially he could follow in the steps of Jimothy and become the next cult internet star.

Watch the video above or stream on Spotify here.

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