In Conversation with @jordanluca_official; the Menswear Brand you need on your Radar

They put on a LFW presentation that got everyone from Vogue to Hypebeast talking, now Jordan & Luca, the duo behind their namesake label ‘JORDANLUCA’, join me for a #GUAPApproved interview, to discuss their vice and vehement fuelled menswear, South London and Italian roots, and of course that captivating Fall’19 show collection.

Hi Jordan and Luca! Please introduce yourself, the brand’s journey and some core beliefs!

We’ve both been in the fashion industry 10 years and have worked for fashion houses like Erdem, Vivienne Westwood and Stephen Jones and consulted for brands too. We wanted to combine our experience in craftsmanship and obsession for quality, highly crafted garments and started JORDANLUCA 18 months ago. We wanted to create a brand which mixes our cultures and where we are from in Italy and south London and that’s the cornerstone of how we design.


Your most recent collection offers a dynamic shift in menswear as we know it. How do you want men who wear your garments to feel?

The AW collection gets into the head of a man obsessed by vice, a debauched English gent with a kinky disposition. We kept the things we love and which we see throughout all collections like the Italian fabrics and bold prints but explored some new styles like duvet bomber jackets, double-breasted overcoats and some corsets constructed like bulletproof vests.


There were beds on the walls, at the LFWM presentation! Can you explain this element within the newest collection?

We collaborated with Jack Appleyard who built us an incredible set of beds which we mounted vertically to the walls. We wanted to represent all his restless nights, lying there thinking of … and wanted to give a voyeuristic bird’s eye view.


Print seems to have an underlying tie within your clothes, what does print mean to the brand and your values?

The prints always come at the point where we want to punctuate the collection and hone in on what we’re communicating through the collections. The jacquards come earlier on and really important too. This season we worked with companies to develop tie-dye nylons and techniques like flocking, which are all essential components in how we work / what we do.

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Any plans for world domination in the future?

We’re working on next season which plans to be bigger and better, so hopefully, it’s coming!


Now can you see why you need them on your radar?

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