Independent Rapper Lauren Marshall Releases New Single ‘Put Me On’

Starting her music career mid-2019, Lauren Marshall has hit the ground running with her unique sound. Last year Lauren released a tester track named Flex Like That in August, later in the year dropping her first official single What I Wanna. As an artist Lauren represents the confident modern woman, who is not afraid to voice her opinion in a world where many conform. Although early in her music career, Lauren has officially recorded with other artists such as Gab’iel and Cheryll. Lauren recently released new single ‘Put Me On’ produced by Sammy Soso.

Read more as she tells us more about new her single and what it represents:

“Put Me On is a where I directly speak to listeners, recommending they put their best bet on me. Don’t be fooled by the musical wordplay in the chorus, though lyrically this speaks to my love for it, Put Me On is actually the girl boss anthem for the summer. Guys listening better be careful not to get sucked in by Lauren Marshalls smooth rap and forget that this tune will have ladies ready to call them out!”

Watch ‘Put Me On’ video produced by Abigail Sewell here:

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