GUAP Meets Chrissie Milan – Influencer Girl Boss & Founder of The CEO Table. [@theceotable] [@chrissiemilan]

Chrissie Milan Wants To Help You Get Your S**T Together. 

Fashion and beauty blogger; Chrissie Milan is one of the few influencers who are not afraid to tell you the reality of life as a girl boss. Living in a world where the dream job of most children is no longer to be an Astronaut or Ballerina but instead three times likely to want to be a self-made entrepreneur by starting a YouTube channel. Chrissie Milan is using her influence for more than projecting what seems like the desirable life of social media and youtube.

Her new podcast, The CEO table has become a way of her to stay connected to her audience as well as using it as a tool for her own growth. With guests like William Adoasi, Founder of Vitae London, and award-winning director; Lolly Comms. Milan shows that she is keen to put the work of her fellow creatives and young business-minded peers on her platform, which seeks to inform and inspire.

Chrissie shows a lot of courage by admitting her failings and bad motivation stories to her audience. Her willingness to pull back the curtain of the glitz and glamour of being a YouTuber is still a rarity in the highly competitive and still mysterious world of influencing. Chrissie Milan is truly using her influencing super-power for good and I applaud her.

I had the opportunity to e-meet Chrissie Milan whilst in Covid:19 isolation and she gave us an insight on her beginnings as a social media starlet and businesswoman. Make sure you check out her YouTube channel for all the best tips and tricks on fashion and beauty, as well as listening to The CEO table and taking your first step in getting your s**t together. 

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