Interview: We caught up with Lil Xxel to talk TikTok, ‘LMK’ doing numbers and more [@lilxxel]

With ‘LMK’ being only his first single, Lil Xxel has already shown that he’s one to watch.

Lil Xxel is the dual heritage (Puerto Rican & Cuban) young star that is quickly making a name for himself. His debut single ‘LMK” has already hit over 5 million views on YouTube and over 53 million on Spotify. Having burst onto the scene in such a big way with some smart use of TikTok to get ‘LMK’ trending it was only right to speak to the talent that looks set to do great things and find out the basics

What inspired you to do music?

To be honest, I’ve been around music my whole life. Starting with my older siblings making music of their own and my mom constantly singing around the house. It wasn’t until my junior year in high school, where I made a diss track towards my friend that did well, where I realized I might like this as a career.

What would you say are your musical inspirations because your sound is quite unique to you?

I don’t have any direct inspirations towards the genre I would like to say I created. However, I love R&B and my favorite artists in that genre would be Jeremih, Drake, Boyz II Men, etc.

Your debut single ‘LMK’ has completely taken off how has that been for you?

It’s been a movie! I believed in this track and it blew me away. Far more than expected was achieved.

A big part of the growth came from TikTok, was that something you had planned for?

Yes! I tackled TikTok head on with my music back in October and told myself I will be a big name on this platform specifically for my music. And it happened!

How important do you think social platforms like TikTok are to artists in this current climate?

I believe it’s extremely important, but with so many new users, it’s more important to find a way to be different.

What was the inspiration behind ‘LMK’?

‘LMK’ was inspired by my emptiness without my ex girlfriend (of 3 years) from high school. I felt like I wanted to talk to her but didn’t know how to. So I had just wished she let me know that she felt the same way if she did. But we sorted it out!

What has been your favourite moment so far?

I would say the music video was the point where it hit me. Seeing so many people come together for me and my song, even during such a tough time (due to Covid), was so surreal. I loved every moment of my first video shoot.

What’s coming next from you?

More music, more videos & more reasons to smile.

What one thing do you want to have achieved by the end of your career?

I want to be remembered as someone of his own lane. Cause never have I ever tried to imitate anyone. I promote being yourself and not allowing anyone to make you feel like you’re less than. We’re all perfect in our own way!

Where can everyone find you?

I’M EVERYWHERE! I’m on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, ETC! ALL AT THE SAME USER, @LILXXEL!

Until next time, I love you all! New music coming soon I promise! – xelly bean <3

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