Interview: Louis Culture talks Elevation Meditation, his new project and more

Louis Culture is one of the artists coming up that has already been marked as a tastemaker.

Despite the fact he’s been releasing music since 2016, Louis Culture is an artist who’s buzz is till growing. With a hit on his hands back in 2017 in the form of ‘Culture For 17’ which Louis enlisted the big features of Lava La Rue and Lord Apex. With him gearing up to release a new project, Louis Culture spoke to us a bit about the journey so far and what to expect on the project.

Who is Louis Culture?


How did you get into making music?

I’ve always been a hip hop head and surrounded by music. Mums CD’s, cousins CD’s and eventually my own collection. So it literally went from writing a lot as a kid to doing poetry in English then recording songs at my local youth centre and other studios.

When did you know you could make a career out of it if you’ve even thought about it like that?

I think maybe 13?

You’ve also done some fashion collaborations at points, what got you into fashion?

Modelling came about organically. I think London reaching a new stage of cultural influence meant more street casting and kids being able to extend their brand (and faces). Through that period I was lucky to end up in lookbooks, prints and campaigns. But growing up loving fashion, it always means a lot to be part of anything in that world. 

Between music and fashion which is your focus at the moment?

Music 100% – I see modelling more as an avenue I’m grateful to have, especially having shot with photographers and brands I genuinely respect. But to be honest I don’t really claim it like that. I just love clothes.  Even with (Lord) Apex, we might bond over clothing more than music sometimes.

A lot of people would have found out about you from your ‘Culture for 17’ track with Lava La Rue and Lord Apex, those are some influential names how did that collaboration come about?

Apex is like my big brother, we collectively formed what is now known as Elevation Meditation almost 6 years ago. Then Lava and I met through Apex I believe, or just mutual friends but that’s also someone I consider part of my extended family. So when putting C17 together, I knew what all of us being on a song together would mean for our scene and the kids too. It was a defining moment.

You’re working on your debut project, what has the process been like and has quarantine affected it at all?

The project luckily was finished before we began quarantine but this rollout has been very much a personal home project for my team and I. We’ve just been taking each day as it comes and doing our best to deliver. 

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You’ve already dropped ‘Being Me’ and now ‘Part 2′ from the project – tell us a bit about those songs and what they mean to you?

Being Me is like my intro, my theme song lol. From the production to the uneasiness of the synth I feel like sonically and word for word it’s me in a nutshell. Plus when I recorded it all the boys (Kam-Bu, Pullen and Dellon) were recording little skits over it too so its sentimental in that way.

Part 2 is like a tribute to South; Pullen’s production and my lyrics that touch on my life and the lives of many people that grew up like we did. Not to mention Yiigaa’s UKG esque vocals blessing the song too.

What should we look out for on the new project?

Getting to know me better 🙂

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