Introducing The Music G-List 2018 #GLIST2018

GUAP’S Music G-List 2018 – our ones-to-watch list that launched in 2017. The list champions 7 emerging artists that are on the path to create great waves in 2018.

Our first issue of the year is always a big one for us. It’s our way of introducing the year and setting the tone of the culture from our perspective. The G-List was one of the first concepts we imagined when we started the magazine. A collation of the best emerging artists, all representing a different sound and unique style of music.

From an external point of view it may seem as if though Drill & Afro-Swing are the dominant sounds of the UK right now. However, on the ground there are a plethora of other sounds and musicians making waves and we’re on it.

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Bringing a concept like this to life takes more than just a good ear for music. The logistics of getting all the people we wanted was  tedious; as well as dealing with all the varying personalities and scheduling. Despite the odds, Issue 11 is here, hopefully we introduce you to your next favourite musician.

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