Introducing Shane Duncan [@shaneduncan_] Creator of ‘This is…’ The Documentary Series Exploring Gentrification

Shane Duncan, filmmaker from South London, who has directed and produced a documentary series exploring the

real effects of gentrification on community, culture and socioeconomic conditions. The series focuses on three areas of London; Brixton, Peckham and Croydon from the perspective of local residents, artists and local business owners.

‘The reasons behind making the series was to shed light on a nationwide issue which isn’t being talked about publicly on a large scale. After educating myself about gentrification/regeneration I felt that I had the right tools to be able to open the eyes of others, so they could see what’s going on right under their noses without much delegation. The ‘This is’ series captures a moment of time that you’ll be able to look back upon and release how life in areas once was before it became too late to stop change from happening.’
Episode 1, This is Brixton, explores the shifting cultural and social dynamics of Shane’s hometown. Within the episode, we hear from residents themselves; those affected the most. ‘Whilst making the film, I realised the place I called home was changing fast… my main goal was really to open the eyes of the people around me so they could see what I see.’
Episode 2, focuses on Peckham. The episode specifically features the team behind Peckham Levels, a workspace converted from a car park, also home to GUAP. Projects such as Peckham Levels and Peckham Palms are both examples of regeneration where beneficial opportunity and space is created for the community instead of taken away.
The final episode shines a light on Croydon, and features Plastician, G FrSH and Sarah Akwisombe. The episode discusses the rising popularity of the area, as well as places such as Boxpark.
The series can be found on Shane Duncan’s Youtube Channel.

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