Introducing @Stanaj: A GUAP review

There I was in the midst of hundreds of taller, broader and less sweaty people in the iconic Camden venue, KOKO.

Together we’re all waiting eagerly for the headline act, the one and only Jessie J who has broken her 2 year hiatus.


But before Jessie come out Stanaj a 24 year old Albanian-born New Yorker graces the stage with a combination of soul and pop rock.


All you need to know about Stanaj

  • He was a contestant on the Albanian ‘The Voice’
  • He released his debut EP in 2016
  • His fame grew after he posted a picture of him with Drake (yes, Drake)
  • He’s already met the one and only Hov (I know its too much)
  • His first name is Albert


Here’s what we thought of his performance:

Stanaj appeared in a bright lemon-coloured shirt which if anything looked damn comfortable.

He made a strong introduction and began with a funk-inspired track. Even at the beginning of his set, it was clear Stanaj knows how to work a crowd and his impact was felt immediately.


For the entire 20 or so minutes Stanaj gave all of himself to his performance, much to the elation of the audience.

With a stripped set up comprised only of himself, a guitarist and a drummer, Stanaj allowed his vocals to take centre stage as the funky bass-lines and pre-recorded harmonies enhanced his anthemic choruses and undeniable presence.


While the Jessie J-esque runs quickly got old Stanaj’s charisma lit up the room and his strong vocals marked him as a talent to be recognised.

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The mark of a great artist is having the ability to engage a crowd with music they’ve never heard before.

To my surprise given the diversity in audience some concert-goers were even using Shazam to find out who the hell Stanaj was and what he was singing.

I just hope the electric performance he gave more clearly translates to his recorded material.

2016 was named the death of the superstar, but are we witnessing the birth of a new one?

Listen to his track “The Way I Love Her” above and let me know your thoughts @halievocalist for @guapmag

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