[@issarimor] is ‘Heavy’ on this one

Northern Irish (but Manchester-based) artist Ari Mor kicks off 2020 with her second single ‘Heavy’.

‘Heavy’ is the follow up to Ari Mor‘s very strong first single ‘Bang’. Where ‘Bang’ was bold and a statement of intent, ‘Heavy’ is a much more laid back affair. Still bold in the content in that it could almost be seen as a body positivity anthem, the delivery and production are much more mellow. The production is kept relatively simple and remains uncluttered even as elements begin to be layered over one another.

The track’s message as mentioned is all about Ari embracing the skin she’s in but with an unrivalled confidence. It’s less her saying this outright though, and more her playing on what other people have said as well as her own experiences. She then also goes on to let her intentions be known especially in the line:

“And I can’t wait to take their pretty headtops by surprise”

And going off of ‘Heavy’ and ‘Bang’ she just might take everyone by surprise. With two exciting releases, it will be interesting to see what’s coming next.

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Hopefully, Ari Mor can make herself the next big thing to come out of Manchester – a city that has become a real industry powerhouse recently. Or even better she might be the one to really stamp Northern Ireland on the map as a place to look for talent. If she manages to follow up ‘Heavy’ with some consistent drops as well as some visuals, it will be very exciting to see what will come from Ari Mor next.

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