JAYDREAM [@IamJaydream] releases her new debut single IN2LUV

British singer-songwriter JAYDREAM releases her debut single IN2LUV, following on from her sold out show at London’s O2 Academy. Mastered by Brit Award Winner Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis Studios, the production features live instrumentation. Born in South Africa and growing up in the U.K. JAYDREAM developed a taste for a variety of sounds. She has embraced the U.K. sounds and tapped into the newer sub genres such as Afro beats, trap and drill. She has big plans and is already making headway as a charismatic upcomer.

Having been featured internationally on New York radio, she has also been featured locally on the Nike Town playlist in Central London. JAYDREAM plans to be one of the first international female popstars to come out of the U.K. We had the chance to speak with JAYDREAM, read more in our exclusive interview with the artist:

How would you describe yourself as an artist? 

“I would describe myself as a bubbly rebel! I don’t like to always colour within the lines, and I have a strong and emotive voice. I’m incredibly driven and passionate about my career, I make art that inspires people to stay raw and to be unapologetic in who you are! I love films too, so I’m always imagining cinematic short films in my head when creating songs and I LOVE an aesthetic!”

What got you into music? 

“My Dad is a self taught musician, one of those old school, soulful African musicians! I grew up in church and always sang in choirs so I think music is just in my blood!”

Who would you like to love to collaborate with? 

“Hmmm OMG! So many people! Wizkid and Beyoncé would be like the final infinity stone but I really really love NSG. Also, I’m loving all the girl power that is taking over the scene right now so I would love to be apart of that and collab with some of the female rappers that are coming up right now! – What can we expect to see from you in the future?”
We’re just getting started to be honest, so definitely more music, more visuals and live shows. I’m currently working on a conceptual EP, which is exciting, so that should be dropping soon. Also, I’m definitely going to be tapping into my Fashion Designer bag too! Just Keep your eyes open because you’re going to be seeing a lot more of me! 

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Listen to JAYDREAM’s new track here.

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