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Think you know Jazz?

As part of the Roundhouse Rising Festival 2018 Jazz: Refreshed a music development organisation took over the Sackler Space for an evening.

Here were the acts that took to the stage, and the acts we think you should look out for!


OCELOT are a collective of nine musicians that have been under the mentorship of the Roundhouse for the last year. Formerly under the name ‘Roundhouse Music Collective’ OCELOT brought us a combination of Jazz, Soul and R&B. They played a set of four original songs of which they had composed and curated over the last five months. Their lyrical content surrounded themes of empowerment “Power I feel power connecting me to time and space” and embracing your idiosyncrasies. They certainly started off with a powerful proclamation of self identity -“I know you’re staring at my hair” they chanted. Equally, they left the stage with the audience eager to hear more from this young collective.


Find all the musicians here:

Vocals: Amahla, Carli , Guitar and Vocals: Finn, Guitar: Otta

Bass: Josh, Saxophone: Jaz ,  Trumpet: Hugo,  Drums:  Regan


Next up was rapper Fred Fredas who brought an electrifying and emotional half hour set. Lyrically Fredas is gifted, with themes from chasing your dreams to aspirations of a family Fredas had everyone’s attention throughout. At only 22 Fredas has already been covered in music outlets such as GUAP magazine. Yet, perhaps unlike the rise of UK Rap at the moment, Fredas sticks to the roots of Hip Hop with a focus on lyricism rather than melody with a love for old school soul.


His set starts at: 15:03

@ayosalawudrums and the Jazzadelics


Having been tipped off by a friend last month that Ayo Salawu was one to watch, he certainly did not disappoint. Ayo has already crafted his talents for what sounds like years, having performed with Hamish Stuart of ‘The Average White Band’/bassist for Ringo Starr, as well as legendary saxophone player Snake Davis. At Jazz Refreshed however, Ayo was able to command the room on his own terms. He played a few arrangements of his favourite Jazz- fusion pieces including Nate Smith and later Hiatus Kaiyote; he also premiered two guest singers Livziem and Abby. Ayo is a phenomenal talent and has so much more to give, I look forward to tracking his career over the next few years.


Drums: @ayosalawudrums, Guitar: @Richieaikman, Keys: Jack Noke

Saxophone: @cassiekinoshi Vocals: @Livziem, @gail.the.butterfly


Their set starts at:54:56



With an average age of 19 Triforce are young Jazz pioneers by the names of Dominic Canning, Ricco Komolafe, Benjamin Appiah and Mansur Brown. Signed to the Jazz Refreshed label and having recently released and EP named TriForce 5ive they show no signs of slowing down.


In their own words they say:

“The driving force behind TriForce are the values [of]…creativity, innovation and empowerment. We aim to empower those in the younger generation to take a lead and think outside of the box…people have done hip hop, done swing, done RnB, it’s time for it go somewhere else – it’s time for it to be elevated.

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When you watch Triforce play you can hear and see those values of creativity and empowerment. Everyone I spoke to from those in the audience to those watching at home were completely blown away by their performance. Some musicians are technical wizards and some others are filled with soul. Dominic, Ricco, Benjamin and Mansur are as individuals exude a wonderful passion for their craft thus when they come they are exhilarating to watch.


Find out where you can see them live by following them on Instagram     @TriforceBandOfficial



Buy their latest EP Triforce 5ive on Bandcamp today!


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