[@Jelani_Blackman] Speaks on Colours, Work & Tommy Hilfiger

West London Artist Jelani Blackman is a new breed of talent and feels like he is going to take over the RnB UK scene soon. In June he dropped “Go Low ft NewAgeMuzik” and has received radio play from the likes of BBC Radio 1xtra as well as regional radio stations. Also working closely with Tommy Hilfiger on the Denim Capsule campaign with IAMDDB, showing he isn’t only a talented singer and songwriter, he also brings his expertise to the fashion industry.

When I listened to your tracks on iTunes, I was baffled that sound came from your voice.

Yes, I’ve changed a lot since the music I have put out in the ‘5-8 EP’, I think that the development hasn’t caught up in terms of who I am now. 

What instruments can you play?

The saxophone from when I was nine and I can compose on the keys.

What was it like working for Tommy Hilfiger?

It was amazing, we went out to Millan. IAMDDB is cool, we got on ! When we were doing the shoot, she came in with a lot of energy so it wasn’t awkward. 

Online platforms such as The Fader e.t.c have described you as “captivating and unique” how does that make you feel?

It’s good, it’s aways nice to hear things good about you. I’ve always felt like I was unique. I am the only child so there isn’t no reference points of being normal. People call me weird quite a lot so it’s nice hearing it in positive context.

How would you describe yourself?

I like a lot of different things and I think that comes through in the music. As an artist it took a while to clarify what I wanted to say and what I sounded like, so collective and heavy. I really appreciate artists such as Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar (He’s really humble with it)

What are you afraid of?

Myself quite a lot of the time because I’m a liability for lots of reasons. I don’t trust I always do the best thing for myself and I’m afraid of how far that will go.

What’s your favourite colour?

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Red, when I was a kid.

You’ve never done a video in colour why?

Because I haven’t reached a stage in where I knew what colours are. I see the music I make in colour and all the music I make is in darker shades.

Are we going to have a 9-12?

No, whatever is next will have a name because I feel like I’m ready to name it.


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