[@jevon_official] has ‘Paranoia’ on his mind

The multi-talented Jevon drops new track ‘Paranoia’.

You have undoubtedly heard of Jevon by now, having first caught a big break being featured as one of GRM Daily’s Next Gen 10 which included the likes of Avelino, TE dness, A2, PBGR amongst others. But even moving on from that he made another big impact with his track ‘Man of the Hour’ being featured on the acclaimed NEW GEN project, which showcased a whole host of the UK’s talent. Whilst there appeared to be some tension within the NEW GEN camp at points during this year, it seems all is running smoothly over there again now with quality content being put out on all fronts.

Jevon is of course, no exception to this. Whilst maybe not putting out as much as his peers, Jevon seems to have opted for a quality over quantity approach and ‘Paranoia’ represents that. Being the latest track to come out in the build-up to his debut EP Judas if ‘Paranoia’ is anything to go by, his price is going to do nothing but rise once the project drops. But even more so than that he is already starting to capture quite a bit of attention both in the media and publicly with support from The Fader, Pitchfork, and the BBC.

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‘Paranoia’ is Jevon’s exploration of real-life examples in which paranoia can play a role and the bad decisions that responses to paranoia can often lead to. The track is a mix of Jevon’s blend of melodies and rapping that we have come to learn as his style during his career. With this track leaning a lot more towards the melodic side despite the uptempo production, it is a very smooth track with an easily memorable and catchy hook. Whilst also closing out extremely nicely with a stripped back and slowed down version of the tracks melody, which will undoubtedly create a great transition on the EP the track’s from. Look out for Jevon’s Judas EP which is coming out on 21/09 and will feature ‘Paranoia’.

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