[@JlsaacOfficial] drops his new album ‘(04:30) Idler’

London singer Jamie Isaac drops a musical masterpiece with the release of his latest album (04:30) Idler.

The 11-track album has elements  from a wide range of genres including folk and jazz as the classically trained pianist tasks his brooding cinematic and minimalist theme to new heights.

‘(04:30) Idler’ has already seen three tracks released over the year, infectious jazz inspired ‘Wings’ and the irresistible ‘Doing Better’  and ‘Maybe’ which displays the signature Jamie Isaac style of Jazz blended wit hip-hop.

His smooth compositions along with his mesmerising vocal shines throughout the album but tracks to watch out for is the album title track ‘(04:30) Idler’ and ‘Counts for Something’

Jaime admits his music is not something you put on at a party but this album proves perfect for chill occasion whether it be on the big speakers or through your headphones.

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