Jords [@JordsOnline] just dropped his ‘Almost An Adult’ short film

Almost An Adult the film is a taster of what’s to come on Jords’ upcoming project of the same name.

Almost An Adult is a dive into the depths of Jords as a character at one of his most vulnerable moments. The film and the project mirror in this respect as both show the introspective side to him through his openness in tackling some of those intense but intimate feelings. The project was recorded whilst Jords was in mourning for his grandmother, a figure that has had a strong influence on him and someone he has consistently championed in his music. The film much like the project, therefore, touches on themes like bereavement, family, and love.

Almost An Adult the film was shot by Curtis Essel & Nwabugo, as a coming of age film that brought the musical project to life. The film was shot between Jamaica and London which helps provide some beautiful backdrops for things to unfold in whilst simultaneously being intrinsically linked to the real life narrative that inspired it. In the words of Essel:

“‘AAA’ is such an intimate project, Jords expresses his vulnerability in various songs and this is a key element we wanted to mirror in the film. So humbled that all our visions aligned and we are all left with a timeless piece of art.”

The film features four tracks from the upcoming project: ‘Halos’ (Feat. Thea Gajic), ‘Rose Tinted Glasses’ (Feat. Jaz Karis), ‘Mrs Chambers Kitchen Pt. 2’ and ‘Patterned’ (Feat. Dotty). Almost An Adult is self-produced and is aimed to help those in similar positions as him, from similar places, learn to process their emotions better. This was spurred by his own situation of having to come to terms with mortality whilst still feeling he was in the midst of the journey of going from boy to man.

Almost An Adult the project will bring all of what audiences have come to know and love about Jords. It blends smooth hip-hop with R&B and poetic lyricism, Jords combines clever lyrics with raw emotion and thought-provoking concepts. The Croydon songwriter and lyricist is fast earning a name for himself as a consistent multi-talent. The project also features the extremely well received tracks ‘So It Go’, ‘Glide’, and ‘Swing’. You can hear the project in full when it drops on May 15th here. For some final words and insight, here’s what Jords himself had to say:

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“If I make something it has to mean something. This film is the truest representation of me as an artist and as a man. This represents the journey that I had to take on the way to becoming a man and creating this body of work, has been one the most challenging, yet most rewarding things I have ever done.”

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