[@JordsOnline] tells us to ‘Tek Time’

South London’s usually soulful Jords drops hard hitting rap song Tek Time.

Jords has previously experimented with blending smoother more instrument based production with the more percussive heavy rap style. On top of this he has always been happy to punctuate his songs with his almost poetic delivery of rap verses. Here we have the evolution of that, in something that sounds almost Drake-esque.

Tek Time starts with powerful bass and percussion to envelop you, and an edgy melody underlying this. Jords still comes through with his smooth vibe, especially in the latter half of the song. What came as a surprise was how comfortable he seemed to be with using a variety of flows as well as balancing this with his clever wordplay. Beyond that there is a catchy hook, although the one weakness may be that it only appears once in full.

Tek time it’s in the bag, they talk about me in the ends when I’m in Milan/ Tek time it’s in the bag, wait you ain’t the plug you’re the middle man

Beyond skillful lyricism, we also get a bit more insight into Jords journey and personal life discussing what he’s come from and what he’s now aspiring to. Hopefully this is just the start of bigger things to come from Jords in 2018.

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