Joshua Buatsi [@boxingbuatsi] Teams Up With Nike On Bespoke Training Camp For Croydon Youth

Olympic Boxer, Joshua Buatsi from Croydon has teamed up with Nike to create a bespoke Training Camp in his hometown. This opportunity is currently Nike’s only personal training qualification in the world. Nike seeks to inspire young people within the area, with the aim to create a generation of passionate trainers. Giving fifty young people from Croydon the chance to experience a 16-week training free of charge.

Upon completion the young people will gain a Level 3 PT qualification as mentioned, giving participants the opportunity to gain access into the world of professional fitness. Joshua alongside Nike giving fifty individuals specifically from Croydon this opportunity is just want the borough needs, as young people begin to choose their career path. The camp will be delivered by four Nike Master Trainers, Nike Master Trainers, Coaches and Elite Athletes, including Nike Master Trainer Jamie Reynolds and Joshua Buatsi.

(Source: Nike)

GUAP caught up with Joshua to gain an understanding of how he keeps himself motivated, alongside his thoughts on the amazing bespoke Training Camp opportunity:

Bonita: What would you tell those trying to pursue a dream that may not be understood/accepted by friends and family members?

Joshua: I’d tell them that they have to believe in their dream, even if no one else does. You have to wholeheartedly believe in it but simultaneously add a lot of hard work to make it come into existence. Slowly, you’ll see that people around you start to say that maybe it’s possible. Don’t be discouraged when it seems as though it may never happen, even when there’s a down time or when you’re not achieving things just remember the journey is up and down. I’d definitely say prepare yourself for the ride, it will be up and down, just don’t lose heart.

Bonita: How do you keep yourself motivated?

Joshua: I remind myself of the things I want to achieve and the atmosphere that I’m around, whether it’s training in Sheffield or Croydon, the people around me always motivate me. Also, knowing that what I’m doing isn’t just for myself, it’s for my family and everyone else around me. One key thing I remember is that I have to use that the talent I’ve been given rather than just keep it to myself and shy away from it, I have to use this gift.

Bonita: Competition is everywhere regardless of profession; how do you keep yourself focused on your one goal. How do you prevent yourself from getting distracted by the noise?

Joshua: It’s really noisy so the best thing to do is to put on your headphones and block out everything. Ultimately you have to get in the ring and fight or perform in whatever your profession is – what’s got to be done has to be done. What I do quite well is take myself away and think about the position I’m in, where I want to get to, how I’m going to get there and how I can make the best use of my time. In those moments, I refocus on my goals.

Bonita: Do you think offering young people from Croydon the chance to gain a Nike London Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification will inspire other young locals to follow in your footsteps?

Joshua: It might not necessarily just inspire them to start boxing, I’m also hoping it inspires them to take an opportunity to get on the ladder and maybe get started in a new industry. It’s a great opportunity because a lot of people may have a level 2 qualification but so few have a level 3, even more importantly than that it’s also free. I’d like to echo again, that even if I wasn’t a professional boxer, I’d love the opportunity to dedicate 16-weeks to a course and leave with a qualification that helps get you on the ladder and get started somewhere. It’s a fantastic opportunity and I hope the locals make the most of it, you don’t have to be professional boxer, you can take it and let it inspire you to achieve whatever it is you want in life.

Ahead of Joshua’s fight at the O2 this Saturday, check out video by young creative Gabriel Moses which looks at Olympic boxer Joshua Buatsi’s inspirations and ‘Lone Wolf’ mentality. Click here to watch.

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