[@JulieAdenuga]’s Top 5 Random Facts About Julie’s Top 5

With Season 3 of Julie’s Top 5 underway it was only right to get some insight from Julie herself.

For those unfamiliar with Julie’s Top 5 here is a brief rundown of how it should work – in theory. Julie is joined by two guests to discuss and artist’s 5 best tracks, each guest compiles their personal list of 5 tracks, the personal lists are compared and debated until there’s 5 songs left, and finally those 5 tracks are put in order from 5 to 1 through more discussion. If you’ve ever watched an episode or been to a live one you will know that’s not what usually goes down. Typically it is thrown off by one or more people deciding to come with lists of more than 5 tracks and therefore having to decide mid recording.

What you end up with from that is some of the best entertainment you could hope for on the internet. The discussions are usually intense but not in a bad way everyone on the panel is just usually that passionate that they refuse to let their choices be discarded without a fight. You get banter, bickering, and some often questionable logic but it all ends in laughs. For those used to the Top 5 format you will have heard Julie mention the infamous text that she sends guests that seemingly none of them adhere to. With that mystery seemingly due to stay a secret forever we got Julie to spill the beans on her Top 5 random facts about the show.

1. The pilot

“Me, Charmaine Hayden, Joe Walker & Barney Artist filmed the pilot of Julie’s Top 5 in 2017. I didn’t know if the idea was good or how the format was going to work. After that episode, I realised we definitely needed an odd number of panellists otherwise the argument never ends!”

2. The lost file

“I recorded an episode with Alhan that we had to scrap because the majority of the episode was us bussin’ joke & trying to get cancelled/beat up.”

3. The production

“We film each season across 2 days. I normally leave with a headache.”

4. The time Julie was actually angry

“I’m never actually angry in any of the episodes. Except for the Kano one. I was FUMING after the Kano one.”

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5. The drip

“I have no more black hoodies to wear. I need to go & buy some more merch from people I like.”

You can catch all thing Top 5 here including the new podcast that goes beyond music into the most weird and wonderful topics like people’s favourite animals, trainers, pengtings and more.

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