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Justice for George Floyd Is The Fastest Growing Petition

On the 25th of May 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. George Floyd, an unarmed African-American man was killed at the time of his arrest by a white police officer; Derek Chauvin. The murder occurred after an arrest of Floyd was made when a deli employee called the police when Floyd allegedly made an attempt to purchase an item with a $20 counterfeit note. Four police officers responded to the call and proceeded to make the arrest. Video recording by witnesses shows Floyd falling twice as he was escorted by the police. Derek Chauvin was then recorded kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, choking him as he pleaded “Please, I can’t breath” and “don’t kill me”.

Floyd’s recorded last words would spark the nationwide outrage and demand for justice. The violent footage circulated around social media and news broadcasts like wildfire. Fuelling the passionate protests happening all over the United States, in the name of George Floyd and all of the black men and women who have fallen victim to police brutality in the United States.

“Justice For George Floyd” was a petition on change.org created by Kellen S. toward Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and Attorney Mike Freeman to fire all the officers involved in the murder and file charges against them. The petition has garnered over 8 million signatures, getting closer to its 9 million target. Officially making it the largest and fastest-growing American petition in the history of Change.org. “Justice For George Floyd” has been shared online by celebrities like Cardi B and Ariana Grande who are in support of the cause. As well as the case being publicly commented on by Former President of the United States; Barack Obama and world-renowned entertainer; Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.

The call to justice is loud and it is worldwide. At GUAP Magazine we encourage our audience to go to change.org and sign the petition. Make your voices heard as we stand up for justice against the black men and women who have lost their lives under the brutality of policemen.

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