[@kadiata93] tries ‘One Last Time’

kadiata pours out his heart on latest track, ‘One Last Time’.

‘One Last Time’ is a YouTube exclusive (currently) from kadiata, and that’s actually a bit of a shame. It’s a shame because it’s a banger and we need it on other platforms so we can listen at our leisure. The production is what draws your attention immediately. Not only because it’s the first thing you hear but there’s something about the use of the guitar that is captivating. On the topic of the production, kadiata shows here that self-producing can really take tracks up a level. He also shows once again that there are sounds the mainstream isn’t tapping into that they should be.

The visuals are kept simple and that works for the song, it allows the message and emotion of the song to take centre stage. It’s impressive to note that ‘One Last Time’ got recorded a week ago and the video is already out due to fan requests. The pairing of the slightly distorted vocals with the relatable message really make the song work. Blended with the guitar the track really does feel like you only get ‘One Last Time’.

An emotional start for 2020, but the quality is right in line with kadiata‘s past releases. I’m looking forward to his next release, but that’s just to see where he takes us next because there’s no way it’ll be a repeat of ‘One Last Time’.

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