[@_kaliclaire] drops vibrant visuals to ‘Heartfelt’

‘Heartfelt’ is the latest drop from one of the most exciting R&B prospects of 2019, Kali Claire.

‘Heartfelt’ is a release that comes at the same time as the big news of Kali Claire supporting Mabel on her UK & European tour. The track is a very uptempo number and a departure from a more traditional R&B soundscape. ‘Heartfelt’ doesn’t fit neatly into any particular genre box. Production-wise it sits somewhere between Pop, Funky House, and Afrobeats. Then vocally it’s just as much of a mix but leaning much closer towards Pop than anything Kali has released prior.

The track’s content follows what the title suggests which is content from the heart, and here it’s everyone’s favourite heart-related topic – love. It hits the notes we expect of an ode to a lover, but also had undertones of unshakeable confidence paired with positive self-worth affirmations. In Kali‘s own words the message of ‘Heartfelt’ is

“I like you, but be respectful, because I don’t need you.”

The visuals only take things up a level, big shout out to Jay Papworth who directed the video and was also behind the Ay Caramba’ visuals. The visuals are popping with colour and compliment the young starlet’s image perfectly. It keeps things fun and exciting without ever taking away any emphasis from the song. There’s some great sequencing and transition work on display, but just all in all the edit and direction on the ‘Heartfelt’ video was spot on.

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As a first release for the year, it is an impressive one for Kali Claire, and hopefully we will ser her push on from this once she’s off tour. You can stream ‘Heartfelt’ here.

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