Kali Uchis Serves 70’s Inspired Self Isolation Looks


Singer Kali Uchis released new EP Feels Alive last Friday, the EP includes 4 tracks all created during isolation while alone in her room Kali Uchis specifies. Creating this EP gave her back that same feeling of creating and making music back when she was younger. There was no restraints or pressure and she could focus fully on the music aspect without having too much business involved, she also stresses how important it is for her as an artist to do whatever she wants within her music as this is what makes her happy.

Giving her older audience nostalgia and inspiring her younger audience Kali Uchis reveals retro ’70s inspired glam pictures over Instagram. The singer rocks a printed shirt and printed trousers while sat on a cosy rug in front of an old box tv watching cartoons. The images capture the feeling of dressing up out of quarantine boredom without the leftover messy room. For some of us quarantine has brought out the best of our uncensored creativity, we’ve let go of perfection and given ourselves permission to try things out, allow them to go wrong and be okay with that and give it another go.

Check out her EP available on spotify

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