Kappa Launches #KEEPPERFORMING Campaign

On Tuesday Kappa released #KEEPPERFORMING, a social campaign aimed to support the brand’s rich performance history by celebrating performers of all backgrounds.

Kappa has been synonymous with elite performance since its origins, even becoming the first brand in Italy to sponsor a soccer team in 1979. The brand has blurred the lines between sports and streetwear, embodying the culture, community and team spirit of the game, while synonymously emerging as a coveted name within the global street style scene, representing the love of life, people and loyalty.

To celebrate Kappa’s rich sporting history, the brand is launching #KEEPPERFORMING, a social campaign that celebrates and supports athletes of all backgrounds. With this campaign, Kappa aims to share positivity and inspire people, showcasing a multiple of possibilities through a diverse group of talented individuals, all athletes in their respective fields.

#KeepPerforming invites people to explore new horizons and perform at their best throughout their everyday life.

The campaign launches with a variety of talents from several countries including Football Freestyler Liran Santos, Dancer/Activist Kate Stanforth, Basketball Player Kornelijus Budrys, Breakdancer Gabriel Infante, Gymnast Koffi, and Magician Billy Menez. Kappa tapped Photographer Theo Cottle and Videographer Jamie Walters to capture the enduring energy, acute concentration, and self-belief of
each performer.


Watch the full campaign below:

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