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Having not been from London, I never got to experience Grime to it’s full potential until now.

My first and last Grime event where I was smothered in 140 bmp sounds was back in 2015 at Lord of the Mics in O2 Islington in Angel. I remember the excitement of coming all the way from home (Nottingham) to see some of my favourite acts such as Mez, Jaykae & HeavyTrackerz live in the flesh clashing and buzzing all the way on my journey home. I got the same feeling when going to ‘Keep Hush’ last month.

Keep Hush is a members club & music platform, which currently promotes music that they enjoy and gives members access to weekly events and exclusive discounts for independent brands. I just happened to go this time and it was one of a kind. Flowdan who discovered Spentshell collaborated with the ‘Keep Hush’ team and made greatness on the 31st of May.

Photography credited by Samuel Wilson

From the jump Travis T had everyone in the room on lock – even the staff was on a vibe. Playing dubplates and Grime tunes for the girls (when I mean for the girls – I have never seen people ‘twerk’ to Grime). Jumpy Grime beats such as ‘Sir SyproFarda’ was being played, I even had my head bopping to it. 

YGG were the first to jump on stage with Strally earning the first reload, going back and forth with Flirta D. YGG have been doing their bit and have played a massive role within the last two years of Grime and have made an impact. The trio (PK, Lyrically Strally & Saint P) create a lot of buzz and have been shutting down festivals such as Detonate, soon to be OUTLOOK and are also performing at ‘The Den’ on the 17th of June.

Spooky on deck and Peeks coming out of nowhere, his presence was definitely warm in the room when “Out of the world like UFO, Blud I’m PK if you don’t know” came from the speakers. Saint P then joined the wonderful pair and performed ‘Lyca’ towards the end of their performance. In-between all of this I turned my head, as my eyes browsed around the room and saw a man with gun fingers straight in the air repping and I was all for it. It made me chuckle… A lot. This is the passion that I like to see in peoples veins when at a gig and this was present at Keep Hush.

The ‘Hit Then Run’ star joined the stage and received a massive response from the crowd when “What do you know about chilling in the ends with no dough” was sprayed from Jammz. As well as Riko Dan performing ‘Krueger’… which is something that I’ve always wanted to watch live and feel the bass from the track (Produced by Trends & Boylan).

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Photography credited by Samuel Wilson 

For some reason every time I see a line up for a Grime event I just assume Capo Lee would be performing there. Booked or not. Being the legend he is, I was minding my own business admiring Irah and Killa P tear down the stage as I felt like I was inside an old Sir Sypro set on Rinse FM and Lee came in and said “I’m going to spray one bar”. Not being booked it was a great surprise for the audience of Keep Hush as the North London MC spat “One of them one of them”.


You can sign up here https://keephush.london/membership-account/membership-checkout/?level=1  to attend Keep Hush events.

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