[@KhadejiaG] Catches Up With [@FabianSecon] – Talking Inspirations & [@ScorchersLife]

RnB Singer/ Songwriter Fabian Secon, is a rising star in the making.

This has been a vital year for him which will play a major role in his future career as he has released an amazing EP titled “Until We Meet Again” which currently has 60K+ Listens on Soundcloud. The Brixton Star has also been on several radio stations around London and national publications. I caught up with him for a cheeky nandos and a quick chat.

You have stuck to one type of genre which is alternative R&B are you open to any other genres and what made you stick with this sound ?

I feel like I have found my own sound and there isn’t no point in experimenting just yet, as I still have a long way to go and I want people to know my sound and recognise me. Maybe in future I may experiment but for now I’m going to stick with my thing. When I was growing up my dad listened to different types of music and I would surf on the net for underground stuff which wasn’t RnB or had much harmonies, I’d like capture a darker angle with it.

You have a track with Scorcher “Gold Plated“, Which was released over 2 years ago. How did that come about ?

Splurgeboys produced the track and they wanted someone on the remix as they liked the track a lot. They played it to Scorcher and he jumped on it straight away.

I’ve noticed all your music videos are all out in the open and very environmental, why is this ?

It fits with the music but I want to keep the same vibe but you can’t do everything in that setting. I do want to try other sets, but I wouldn’t change anything for where I am now, the videos are pushing the limits they are doing good.

Where do you write your lyrics and get your inspiration from ?

Normally at home, I don’t really have a routine. I don’t put pressure on myself to do something mad quick, I like it in my own space and every song is different, most of the time I come with the melody and go to the concept of what they track is about.

Who would you like to collaborate with right now and what type of tune would you make ?

Xxxtentacion I feel like I get it, I get his vibe. From the UK I would say Skepta or Kojo Funds.

If you had one person you could perform to in the whole wide world who would it be and why.

I don’t know why but the first person that came into my head was Eminem. I also love Gordon Ramsey, as that would be so funny.

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How do you pick yourself up from being disheartend ?

I write about it. I just appreciate the same accompaniments, I find it hard to get angry so i like to turn that into something positive.

What is next for Fabian Secon ?

I’m just going to keep releasing stuff. The more I hit people up the more my music is growing. I am also hoping to do more shows too.

Be sure to follow Fabian on the socials & check out his latest releases. https://twitter.com/FabianSecon

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