[@KhadejiaG] Catches Up With [@IzzieGibbs] & Talks All Things 96LS, Highlight Of 2017, Anime & His Headline Show

What a good year it has been for artist Izzie Gibbs. From performing at several festivals to releasing singles here there and everywhere, he has been non stop ! After dropping a great body of work in June (Yin Yang), Northampton’s chosen one, sits down to have a chat with me about his upcoming EP ’96LS’ and what to expect.


You dropped ‘Yin Yang’ in June ! That was a really solid project from you, how do you feel like you can top that in your next EP ?

It’s crazy because when I dropped ‘Yin Yang’, I made all the music the year before. It’s like nobody has heard what I’ve got, it’s all behind. What they are not actually realising is that all the music I have made, I am way ahead because I am taking my time. I haven’t rushed it & I’ve had time to focus on my craft. I feel like my next EP is a complete better body of work, I feel like it’s a thousand times better. Melodies, flows, content, it sounds more grown up.

Talk to me about ‘96LS’, what is it ?

It is a 6 track EP with 1 feature, Diz Mack. He is cold he had to be on that. I have took Ls since I was born, in 1996, this is the last year I’m taking Ls, from now on its Ws.

‘Obviously’ is a very creative video, did you come up with all the ideas ?

Most of them come from me, I do like to hear other peoples ideas though. My imagination is crazy, because I’m a weird person I feel thinking of crazy ideas is normality to me, where as the average person my not think like that – which is always a risk but I don’t really care what they think. All the crazy ideas stem from me.

How does it feel getting co-signs from artists that have been in the game for a long time ?

Co0signs are good, it’s always good to know that people who have been in the game longer than me and are in a better position are recognising what I am doing, it is always good. I would tell an upcoming artist not to worry about co-signs because when it comes down to it, it doesn’t really mean anything. A lot of people will support your music and as soon as you are doing well and starting to create a buzz, if they feel threatened they are not going to support your music anymore. They always want you to do good, but never better than them.

You’ve kept a theme throughout your last couple of EPs, as you are an Anime fan. In what way would you say it influences you in your music.

Anime, influences me as they show real life principles. Basic foundations of the ideas that are presented in Anime are like betrayal & loyalty – it’s quite unpredictable you don’t know what is going to happen next. With me influences don’t always have to be music. For this project Anime hasn’t really inspired me as much as I’ve tried to come at it in a different angle & perspective.

What is your favourite anime ?

Tokyo gGhoul

Your barking. Where does it come from ?

I’m a random guy, sometimes I ask myself the question “What was I doing to make myself sound like a dog”. I was in studio with Zeph Ellis and I got gassed & barked, he was like “you should put that in a lyric, it will sound good”. I did exactly that and it sounded mad.

If you had a month to create a mixtape with one female artist, who would it be ?

I really rate Little Simz, she is super cold, but then I like IAMDDB. If I had to choose somebody it would have to be IAMDDB.

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What producer would you like to work with next year ?

Steel banglez – we would make music that I wouldn’t usually make. If I had to choose something different to my usual sound it would be Banglez as it would be out of my comfort zone.

Do you ever feel underated ?

I feel like a lot of people are scared of the powers so they don’t support, I’m waiting for people to catch up. I don’t do things that seem cool and the norm, but people will soon realise that I am good.

What has been your highlight of 2017

Realising that I do have people that listen to me, it has made me confident this year & also coming to terms that people across the world listen to me. It has been the best feeling as I think “I can actually go for this”. A lot of artist think that when they start to get views and noticed in certain places they are superstar way to quick. For me, I alway doubt myself because I feel like I can do better, I criticise myself, I feel like I could always put more work in.

When is the headline show coming ?

2018, EARLY !!! People best get ready because I’m not messing around, it’s game over, i’m going for it. I’m also going to hop on one of my own beats, a lot of people don’t know I can produce.


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