[@KhadejiaG] Catches Up With [@JaySilvaPT] & Talks New EP, Growing Up & more

One of the most distinctive voices in London and reps where he is from till the end has caught up with me for a quick chat. Rapper Jay Silva from East London has taken a mini break from music recently however he is about to come back like he never left with his new EP on the way and some new visuals to show for it. He has previously worked with Not3s, Baseman and Big Tobz and hopefully he has more surprises up his sleeve in terms of features this year.



What was it like growing up in Angolan household?

It’s lively – not boring at all. But at the same time I felt restrictive as my parents where always strict so music was like a no go, however it made me the person I am today.


What was their reaction when you told them you did music?

At first they were a bit sceptical because they felt like they have put in so much work for me to be somewhere else, but as time passed they realised the progress and how much I benefited from music so they do support me to a certain extent now.


What would you be doing now if you weren’t a musician?

An architect! I’m at university at the moment studying for financial maths, that’s my plan b but something along finance.


How would you differentiate yourself from other rappers?

For me you never know what’s coming up, I’m very versatile. If you give me any beat I’ll write a song to it differently, I’m still yet to find someone like me and someone who sounds like me.


Tell me about ‘Tutti Frutti’

When I was young, I always used to get this drink in my Angolan household. The flavour was called ‘Tutti Frutti’ and it means all flavours. I had an addiction for this drink, it was my favourite; I used to drink it all the time. The meaning of the drink means ‘Everything & all flavours’, so I thought “You know what, because I am so versatile, why don’t I make an EP to show my versatility” and Tutti Frutti was the most appropriate name.


What’s the EP cover like?

It’s going to be colourful as hell!


How many tracks have you got on the EP?

6 tracks, I’m trying to not do any features, just me on my own but we will see how it goes.


Do you have a tune with Sneakbo?

I don’t want to talk too much *He giggles*


Have you had any struggles when making the EP?

You know what there was a period of time where everything was going downhill, when I first started music, I started music it was just a hobby in where I just wanted my friends personal opinion not the publics. I was a college student at the time and the success of my music was a big shock to me. I felt like people expected a lot from me and I couldn’t keep up with that so I had to adapt myself to a new environment, but now its time for me say sorry to my fans,


What’s your favourite track that you’ve made so far?

‘No way’, because I made the instrumental first as I can produce and then I just started to write the lyrics and whatever came to my head first, I written it down.

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How was it working with baseman?

It was so spontaneous, when I made ‘Say my name’ and I knew it was empty, it needed something raw, a rapper, but not any kind a rapper, a mellow one. Baseman didn’t hesitate when I asked him.


Is there anyone you’d like to work with this year, completely outside the box because I know you have worked with Not3s & Big Tobz but someone outside of the Afrobeat sound?

A drill artist, Skengdo maybe.


Do you have any shows planned?

In wales, Birmingham and just little ones just depending on how the EP goes who knows?


Who do you look up to?

Three people. Akon, Sean Paul and J Hus. The world is failing to understand how good Akon was, he will be second and first in the charts trying to compete with himself. Sean Paul is my favourite artist, I like his vibe and music and J Hus because he is quirky, funny an has something different about him.


You can catch Jay performing at BarCocoa, Bar in Barry on the 23rd of March and keep up to date with him to find out when ‘Tutti Fruitti’ will be dropping !

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