[@KhadejiaG] Catches Up With [@RawzaRaw] & Talks ‘Code Name’ EP

From making noise for his city, Wellingborough  and traveling to London for do radio sets, the day has finally come where Rawza’s 5 track EP ‘Code Name‘ is finally out. He has been teasing us for some time now with all the radio sets he has been attending and how he dropped ‘Hush‘ a couple of weeks ago getting his supporters prepared for his EP.

I recently spoke to Rawza on his EP and he mentioned ‘Code Name’ (Track number 1) will be dropped on SBTV very soon which will be his first appearance on the Youtube platform !

What is Code Name, tell me about it?

5 songs, better than my last one, it’s different, it’s Grime. I like it a lot, when I heard ‘Word on Road’ I didn’t like it at much but I feel like this one is proper.

Why didn’t you like the other one?

I felt like it was a bit shouty, like I was listening to a set rather than a song and Code Name has no features.

Was that decision made subconsciously?

I like to keep things home-grown, if I do features, its all the people from Wellingborough.

How far is Wellingborough from here?

Like an hour and a half.

What made you want to get into the music industry?

When I was in year 7 there’s a guy from my ends called Brownz and he was in year 10, him and his friends used to make music and at lunchtime and they used to spit on the Sony Ericsson. I remember one of my first bars I remixed his bar and that’s how I got into music. In the summer holiday me and my other friends we made loads of tunes all summer, we were making songs but by the end of the summer the MacBook broke and we lost everything, but that is how it stemmed from.

What’s your relationship like with Izzie?

That’s my bro; he’s like family to me. We met through music but were family now.

When was your first experience being in a studio?

New money records, there is a studio in the middle of nowhere, in a village and that was my first experience that’s were I recorded my last EP.

Who’s your favourite MC?

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Izzie, with him it’s like he is trying to murk you but he’s not, so you have to keep up with him or go harder.

I listened to your track ‘Code Name’ before I came here, what was that process like making the EP?

When I was little I used to watch so many cartoons, I used to watch Codename: Kids Next Door and the EP cover is the guy from Codename but it’s like the black version of me with the plaits.

What I will do is listen to a beat on YouTube and I will make the song to that beat but won’t actually use it for the mixed and mastered. I will record it at my friend’s house Young Chencs (he’s a producer as well); he makes the beat after so it fits me.

Is that how you do most of your tracks?


When is your next radio set?

Hopefully be on Spyros show at some point

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