[@KhadejiaG] Meets [@BigTobzsf] About ‘Still Winning’, Launch Parties & More

One of the best rappers to come out of East London is now releasing his new EP entitled ‘Still Winning‘ which is due to drop on the 2nd of February. I caught up with Big Tobz to have a chat about his upcoming project, launch party, influences and more.


Do you think growing up in East London shaped you as a rapper? 

I was born in South London and then I moved to East, this was when I started music. You got artists like Lethal Bizzle, Kano, Ghetts which gave me a feeling for the urban undergournd sound in terms of music.

What was your household like growing up musically?

I’m mixed Nigerian and Jamaican so there is a lot of different music sounds in my household, I think that’s where I get a lot of my melodic vibes from.

In your documentary you said how making your parents proud of you was important. What has been your proudest achievement you have shown mumzie.

My parents get excited when I do a normal show they would be like “Rahh my son is star” My mum follows a lot of my stuff, she follows me on the socials so she sees everything that happens so anything new with what I do is a big success to her. There isn’t a particular moment, I think it’s everything as a whole, she loves the progress.

Has she ever been to a show?

She hasn’t you know.

Would you like her to?

Yes definitely, it would be nice to see her have a VIP pass.

You have previously mentioned that young spray was a big influence to you, who else is a main influence to you?

Before UK Rap I was more into American Rap and Grime. But with UK Rap I remember going on to Spiff TV and seeing Krept and Konan & Yung Meth and that got me into wanting to spit bars.

Have you tried different avenues in your music and playing around with genres ?

I would do it, I might have experimented in the past but I’ve touched more on the Afroswing, Grime & House vibe so far. Especially this year I want to try new things.

What artists would you like to work with ?

Giggs, Wizkid, Burna boy, that would be cold. I got different kind of songs for different artists.

You had 20 tracks how did you narrow it down to 8?

Even till now I’m hearing some of my stuff and thinking “that should be on there” but it’s good because I record bangers and you don’t really know which songs the fans are going to like, there’re bangers regardless but it’s more personal to me in which tunes I choose to put out.

Do you take the fans into consideration when making tunes?

Of course, but first of all I’ve got to like the tune because if I don’t whats the point. I’m not going to make it if I don’t like it. But of course I think “is the fans going to like” this or “is my kind of audience going to like this” or “who I am reaching to”. That’s why the good thing about Still Winning, I’ve got a tune for any kind of audience so no one has got to worry about find a tune that they will like.

What is it like working with Sneakbo ?

Snekabo is my guy, he is proper cool brother. He is old school – he will get notepad then write his lyrics down.

Do you do that?

No, its either my phone or in my head but it’s proper good to work with him.

Who has been your favourite person to work with in the studio?

Probably doneao, his energy is crazy, he has mad energy in the studio, he will just gass you up.

What was the best part about making the EP?

Big up my boy, I go to his house to record, he mixes, produces and makes music too. Everytime we make music we are just having fun and when we have a hit the kind of energy we got is crazy, it’s more about personal experiences. In the studio it’s the best part. When I’ve just made a banger and I’m playing it back, it’s just a feeling you get when your in the moment.

Most of your tunes are bangers though, do you have the same feeling all the time?

There are some tunes I like more than others, I have my favourites, it’s the same kind of excitement when I have a banger but after a while I’m not excited but you lot are going to be like woah!

Do you get bored of your track?

If its been years of hearing it of course, I need a break from the track then i’ll come back to it to know it’s a banger.

What track off of the EP are you most excited about the fans hearing ?

My favourite song is ‘Sometimes’

Are we hoping to see you at any festivals this year ?

Yes,I am going to be at a few. SW4, is one of them.

How excited are you for your EP launch?

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I’m excited for the EP and the launch party which is a day before the release on the 1st of Feb. I want fans to be there and hear some of the tunes performed live and some special guests will also be there too.

Are you performing all tracks off of your EP?

No, just a few and some old tunes too. I’ll also be performing some tracks that are not even on the EP.

Where is it at?

It is at ACE hotel, big up pardon my blog, tickets should be out now !


Lastly are you doing a headline show this year ?

Yes, most probably!

Fire questions 

When you say “Uno my style” what exactly is your style?

Very cool and wavey. Too much sauce

Have you ever cheated on your barber?

*He pauses* – no comment

Is there a little Tobz?

Maybe my little brother


Be sure to pre order ‘Still Winning’ now and get yourself down at ACE Hotel on the 1st of Feb for the launch party !


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