[@KhadejiaG] Talks With [@Nyge_] On His Rise To Success & ‘Securing The Bag’

From studying ICT, Philosophy and English language in college whilst working in Hollister to becoming a chart topping producer working with some of the hottest artists in the game at the moment, Nyge from South West London (Balham) is unstoppable.

I day-dream a lot, so I indirectly speak what I am thinking into existence. I don’t see myself giving up or going back in time to a normal job, this is something that I’m really passionate about“.

Stemming from his love of Rap and not having much to say, Nyge started off producing as a hobby and with time progressed into becoming one of the most notable producers in the UK with hits like Section Boyz ‘Lock Arff’. From finding contact information on Twitter bios and sending out beats 24/7, Nyge’s first belief was when he heard a Section Boyz tune on the radio – “I didn’t even think you could get music on the radio, like these artists are around the corner so it’s clearly possible”. Gifting Inch (member of Section Boyz) with a “Sounds like NYGE” beat, it wasn’t apparent until a year later that the boys used the “Lock Arff” instrumental until one of his friends revealed a preview of it to him on social media.


Being a fan of flutes and guitars, the South-West London producer has a sound that is undeniably distinctive – ‘Diamonds, Alakazam & Topics‘ all have a soft backing to it which reflects not only his style but him as a person. Working on 6/8 tracks on ‘Secure The Bag‘ project which charted, Nyge agreed that “It was good at the time, but when you think about how good it actually was it doesn’t compare“. Being an independent artist and producer who was able chart in the UK is an accomplishment .

Not getting into the drama of the music industry, Nyge explains “Playing Fortenight, Nandos and staying off of Twitter” is the best remedy and it has clearly has taken him to higher levels. Moreover Nyge says “Being particular, even nowadays there isn’t many people that I have made songs with, I don’t even sell beats. If I like an artist I’ll contact them or if an artist reaches out and I’ve heard their material previously then I’ll try and get them in the studio”.

Nyge recently dropped ‘Butterflies‘ with fellow music peers, AJ Tracey and Not3s which hit no.19 in the Official Singles Chart Top 40 – this is an exciting time for Nyge and I can confirm bangers are on the way.

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Keep up-to-date with Nyge on his Twitter – https://twitter.com/Nyge_

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