Khadejia’s Track Of The Week [@KhadejiaG] – [@fredo] – “Change”

Fredo is my favourite.

There is no disappointment ever, with Fredo. Every track he has dropped has banged  and has been on repeat till his next tune has dropped. Last week he released “Change” which includes him on the block & on stage with his fellow friends, (These videos are usually the best!). Produced by CeeFigz & The Beat Boss they knew that this beat would suit Fredo to a tee and would shake up the timeline, they did a wicked job at doing so.

Nominated for two Rated awards this year, the best breakthrough & best mixtape artist, Fredo has been busy at his headline shows at the end of September and some gigs in-between now and then. He is definitely greatness and easily one of my favourite rappers coming out of the UK.

Let me know what you think of “Change” on the socials @KhadejiaG & be sure to follow Fredo on the socials too at @Fredo

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