Khadejia’s Track of the Week [@KhadejiaG] – “Gyal From Brum”

This has to be one of the best videos to come out on SBTV so far this year, it is so happy and bubbly. Of course it is the one and only Capo The Champ and Safone with J Beatz on the productions. This collaboration was definitely long over due with their new release “Gyal From Brum”. Capo got the twitter timeline bubbling when he posted the picture with him and Safone with the caption “We don’t even have a name for the tune? Any ideas without hearing it” and was the moment the eye emojis started to come out and people started to wonder what could possibly come from the pair.

As you can hear in the track it is going to be a summer anthem and they dropped it at the right time. Like Capo said “If this tune don’t make skank then you don’t have ears bruv.” and I agree.

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