Khadejia’s Track of the Week [@KhadejiaG]

I am setting the levels high this week with “Kaz – Basement Live” being the track of the week. I know, I know, It’s not exactly a song however this can definitely pass.

New Grime MC Kaz, from Nottingham gives us energy, flow & hunger in his latest video on Youtube. The way he works around the beat and his flow matches every bar in the instrumental is crazy!

He recently performed at the Grime event “Shell Off” at Relentless this month on the 7th. He appeared on stage with SBK, Mez, Capo Lee, PK & more. As his first performance in London, Kaz’s stage presence was held very well and he did excellent.

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There is hell of a lot more to from Kaz as he is just starting out but he’s going to be the next big thing. Watch out for him and follow him on Twitter @Kazatron1 & Instagram @_Kazatron

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