Khalil Devonne [@khalildevonne] drops some ‘Groovy’ vibes on his new track

After a hiatus from music Khalil Devonne is back again with new track ‘Groovy’.

‘Groovy’ is the long awaited follow up track from Khalil Devonne, who has been sitting on this track and visuals since June 2019. After dropping his track ‘cdg’ in March 2019 musically he went quiet. He stepped away from his label situation at Relentless Records and that was likely what the musical silence was about, him getting back into the swing of things as an independent. But he is firmly back and ‘Groovy’ is just as much of a vibe as his earlier tracks that brought his initial attention.

The track stays in Khalil‘s comfortable topic which is women, and it’s in the favourable light often missing in records by men. In his own words:

“Groovy is basically just a vibe about a girl obviously. She’s born in the 90s but gives me 80s feels hence ‘groovy’.”

And that kind of hit’s the nail on the head. It is a love song for the 21st century and a nod to the content of R&B of past years. It’s great to see that there is a young male R&B star from the UK at the moment just diversity wise as for a long time it’s been the women of the scene holding it up. Yet Khalil isn’t just R&B he seems to take influence from a variety of places and that’s what allows for his sound to be so appealing as it is not simply one note.

For the visuals, KD flew out to Venice for a change of scenery alongside Krish Sharda who took the directorial seat on this one. Krish may be a name familiar to you as he has worked across various House of Pharaohs‘ members’ video releases. They took the non-conventional route, or at least went against the trend, going for an old school camcorder feel to the visuals rather than the hi-def 4K we have become accustomed to. This suits the track quite well though as it adds to the element of nostalgia that the hook details.

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Hopefully, with R&B at the forefront the way it is at the moment this is the year Khalil manages to solidfy his stamp on the scene, but this can only come with consistency. I’m sure we’ve got more to see from Khalil so stay tuned to see what he has in store for us all.

You can stream ‘Groovy’ here.

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