[@khalildevonne] Is Back After a Musical Hiatus with ‘cdg’

After months of teasing us with hints of him working in the studio, Khalil Devonne is finally back with ‘cdg’.

The last time we heard from Khalil he was telling us about the ‘Finer Things’  in his groundbreaking summer anthem. But since then it’s been radio silence from the artist, despite his socials showing he’d been working on music. He was in the studio with some big names too, such as Professor Green, so to not see the music drop was surprising.

Now he is back and still capturing the wave with ‘cdg’ . This is a short but smooth offering which seems like a teaser of what’s to come. The laid back but infectious production is provided by kaygw ,an artist in his own right and who just released something himself. The beat has hard hitting percussive elements contrasting against a dreamy sounding melody.

Khalil matches this production with a kind of whispered delivery to his vocal performance that we’ve not heard from him before. At times he blends this into almost a mumble rap style in the ilk of a Young Thug, and it suits ‘cdg’ extremely well. On the lyrics front it is the standard R&B kind of romantic kind of boasting, and then there’s the playful elements – one of the standouts being:

“Lauren London lookalike mi likkle Julie”

And it is elements like this that add to the appeal of ‘cdg’. It’s a track you need to give multiple listens, and the first one will probably ensure that. It’s a catchy, good vibe having song and this is mirrored in the visuals. Bringing together a group of his friends and brother and just having some fun in a laid back setting is seeming to become the Khalil trademark. Adding in the bloopers and behind the scenes alongside credits as the instrumental played was also a nice touch.

My only criticism of ‘cdg’ – not long enough. For such a long wait having a song that was only a minute and a half long, if we take away the bloopers section, was a little disappointing. It shows an adaptability to his sound and that he was not just a one hit wonder. Hopefully this is just the start from R&Bs latest prospect for 2019. Stay tuned into GUAP to see what else Khalil drops amongst the best up and coming talent from the UK and further afield.

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