See why everybody is talking about Knucks [@knucks_music] | GUAP G List 2017

Knucks, This laid back yet outspoken rapper hailing from North London is bringing a new sound and vibe to the city. His style and persona is the perfect oxymoron, beautifully coupling the old school sounds he grew up listening to, with elements of the new school trap genre. His love for music sparked a creative journey that saw him begin his career as a grime MC; honing his rapping and production skills over time into this new sound that’s got everyone

(Photography: Darnell Temenu)

Having an epic year in 2016, Knucks is seeing his fan base grow as he climbs his way to the forefront of the UK scene. As we begin the New Year, his intentions are clear: to continue to use his gift to remain honest and true to himself and his positive message; more growth and more life.

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