[@KwakuBS] releases new solo album ‘Live Free’ ft. [@Kwakuhama] [@1RealJoeyB] and [@Fameye_music]

Rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur KwakuBs drops his new solo album ‘Live Free’ today featuring Hama, Joey B and VGMA award-winning artist Fameye. Formally known as Michael Boateng, KwakuBs is an eclectic artist from Ghana who provides sounds ranging from afrobeats to trap and everything in between. Former member of the collective La Même Gang, KwakuBs has collaborated with Kwesi Artuhur, Sarkodie and Medikal to name a few. Following his departure from the group, KwakuBs shares his talent through his vibrant and upbeat new first solo album, displaying his eclectic style throughout the project.

We had the opportunity to speak with KwakuBs regarding his new album:

What was the inspiration behind the name ‘LIVE FREE’?

“A couple of years ago I got the words “Live Free” tattooed on my stomach as a time stamp and a reminder to live life with no boundaries, not allowing a toxic person or situation tie me down; but to rather strive to succeed or die trying. Whilst working on my first solo project I found myself using the whole process of creating this project as some sort of therapy. During the creation of this project I had been going through one of the most dramatic periods of my career. It was my way of talking to myself, venting, healing, and coming to terms with my reality. I named this project Live Free because by the time I was done I finally felt free.”

What can listeners expect to hear?

“A lot of experimenting. Me trying genres I have not tried before. This project is fun, honest and refreshing. It is me addressing my lows and my highs. It is my journey to freedom. Enjoy!”

Producer, Nxwrth who began producing at the age of 17 due to his love and curiosity for music also shared insight on his inspiration when creating music, as producer of 4 tracks from the album:

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“I am a fan of extraterrestrial. Christopher Nolan is like my favourite movie director. I am also a space fanatic, I never been to space but his movies take me there. I draw a lot of my inspiration from the extraterrestrial and blend it with my culture sound or the required sound of the artist. Kwakubs is an amazing artist and friend and I hope the world gets to experience him!”

LIVE FREE is now available on the music streaming platforms below:

Spotify | Apple Music | Amazon Music

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