Letters [Boywondermgt] The New Docu-Series Exploring Self-Expression In An Open Letter

.”Check out #Letters, a ground breaking new documentary challenging people to bring their emotions to the surface and write intimate letters”

Letters a production from  Boy Wonder Management  is a documentary series casting a light on issues that many young people like to keep disclosed. The series documents the journey of seven individuals confronting their life experiences in an open letter. They touch on issues such as addiction abuse, eating disorders, depression and custody battles.

All subjects that we find candid and personal and are hesitant to share amongst others. This series hands you a heavy dose of truth and ultimately has you connected to the personas conveying their un-kept emotions.

Letters promotes healthy conversations. Something that is needed in a time where our thoughts are being drowned out by the white noise of social media & our electronic devices. Letters have been a part of cilivisation for millions of years. The development and advancement of technology has extinct the use of putting pen to paper.

“But when you not only change the people who are watching it. But also the people who are participating you’re creating more than just art. You’re creating change & I hope that over the 11 episodes you see the change in our participants and hopefully in yourself.” – Nelson Adeosun, Director

There is still something very personal about writing or receiving a letter. Knowing that someone has carefully thought out their words & shuffled their emotions in order to exhibit a message for you to un-code.

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In the Episode that follows Emilia in a candid conversation. She addresses the issues she has faced with tackling childhood trauma. She sheds a light on the impact it has had on her life both positive & negative. A both brave and captivating moment. Emilia displays naked emotion that provokes the ideology of the series. To instigate conversation and ignite the normality of talking about our feelings.

The first Episode will be released online on the 9th of May. Make sure to check it out and join the discussion #Letters.

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