Levi Aluede and Dylan Mascis Drop The Teaser for Psychological, Environmental Horror Short Film ‘This Order.’

Check out the teaser for Aluede and Mascis’ new upcoming film below.

London-Based filmmakers Levi Aluede and Dylan Mascis are currently fundraising for their new environmental horror short film, ‘This Order.’ The short film centers on a painter who isolates himself and embarks on a new art project. During the sabbatical, the painter is forced to confront his own inner demons in a new environment and a precarious state of mind. Tackling mental health in a nuanced light is a difficult task, where mental illnesses are either romanticised or weaponized in shows or films like ‘13 Reasons Why’ or ‘Shook.’ Talking to Mascis and Aluede over the weekend, they emphasised that ‘This Order’ will “be raw and honest. It will have that shock factor but also to a sense where audiences will realise that this is real and it affects people.”

After the successes of Aluede’s ‘Ingenue,’ a mumblecore surrealist showing the absurdities of a dress-up house party and Mascis’ ‘Screwdriver,’ a LGBTQ drama orbiting the life of a young gay black youth trying to navigate his closeted sexuality in London. They are sure not to drop the ball on ‘This Order,’ which is shot by Aluede, who also wrote the script with Alex Jones, film-editor of the student-run blog Indiependent. The film stars Mascis and is produced by FutureFirst Productions, founded by Aluede and Mascis in 2017. However, with the gruelling process of gaining funding for films, the talent https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/this-order-psychological-horror-short-film# ed duo are currently self-funding the film and being in the same ship as every other indie filmmaker trying to make their film, a helping hand goes a really long way.Check out a teaser of the film and help contribute to the funding of New Order below.

Check out a teaser of the film and help contribute to the funding of New Order below.


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